October 15, 2013



City of Leesville Receives Top Marks during Audit for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2013.


Leesville, LA—During the October 14, 2013 City Council meeting, Mr. Burton Kolder, CPA of Kolder, Champagne, Slaven, and Company, LLC a Certified Public Accounting firm, presented the results of an audit of all of the City of Leesville’s Finances to the Leesville City Council.  The results were highly anticipated and showed a complete reversal of the deficit which the City was operating with during Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2010. Mr. Kolder presented the official results of the June 30, 2013 audit and explained that the City of Leesville had not only turned the deficit into an excess of revenues over expenditures, but that the Administration had conquered the issues that were found in previous audits of the City’s financials. Mr. Kolder said, “I am pleased to announce that the City, operating on a $10.8 million budget had a surplus of $1,288,000 in revenues over expenditures. This is a 12% excess revenue over expenditures which is very pleasing.”


The highlights of the audit include:


  • The City turning around a $1,402,989 deficit in 2010 into a surplus of $1,288,814 in 2013 within the current Administration; a 360ᵒ change.


  • The City’s Finance Director budgeted revenues and expenditures within 1.4% from the actual revenues and 1.3% of expenditures; Municipalities are only required to be within 5% of budgeted revenues and expenditures.


  • With infrastructure improvements being made and Department Heads improving policies and procedures within the City, the income received from water customers increased drastically, allowing the City to increase financing options for infrastructure and economic development for the City.


  • This is the first time in this administration that the City had available funds on hand to fully operate for 68 days, the acceptable benchmark for funds on hand is 60 days.


Questions regarding this matter may be directed to City Hall at 337-239-2444.



October 8, 2013

City of Leesville announces Supreme Court Ruling on the termination of Bobby Hickman.


Mayor Robert Rose and The City Council of Leesville announced that the Supreme Court of Louisiana recently affirmed the termination of former Police Chief Bobby Hickman, who is currently serving 46 months in federal prison for unlawful possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number.

 In April of 2013, the State of Louisiana’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the judgment of the Thirtieth Judicial Court and reinstated Leesville’s former Chief of Police, Bobby Hickman. At which time, Mayor Rose stated, “Leesville has progressed past a reputation of corruption to a City working diligently to support the operations of a thriving community. We are not deterred from our goal of maintaining the integrity of our law enforcement operations. I am confident that justice will ultimately be served …”.

When asked to comment on the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the City’s termination of Hickman, Mayor Rose stated, "This is a just decision that finally and completely concludes this matter. Mr. Hickman's termination was affirmed by the Supreme Court of Louisiana and the City of Leesville owes him nothing. This distraction is now over and the City Council and I continue to concentrate on moving the city forward to continue the renovation of our water system, beginning construction of the Vernon/Fort Polk Development Project along LA 467 and beginning the implementation of our economic development plan."


September 2013 proclaimed Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Mayor Rose of Leesville presented a proclamation to Dani Peavey, a Representative of the non-profit organization "Colors for a Cause", on September 17, 2013 at City Hall. Mrs. Peavey and "Colors for a Cause"  work to shine a light on the families and children fighting cancer, as well as providing much-needed funding for the costs associated with struggling with cancer. 
August 14, 2013

DHH Awards $4.8 Million to the City of Leesville for Water System Improvements - Loan to Fix City's Water Leaks Will Save Leesville Money.
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Leesville, LA— This month, the Department of Health and Hospitals' (DHH) Office of Public Health awarded $4.8 million to the City of Leesville through the State's Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund Program (DWRLF). The loan will help the system improve and update the community's drinking water system. 


Assistant Secretary for Public Health, J.T. Lane said it's imperative that all Louisiana residents have access to safe drinking water. "This program gives local communities a source of dependable and affordable financing to bring their water treatment facilities up to the latest and most modern technology that keeps their residents safe and healthy."

"This money will greatly benefit our city by paying for water system improvements and providing assurance to our residents that we will always have one of our most precious resources, drinking water," said Leesville Mayor Robert Rose. "Water is a finite resource, and we need to know that as long as our city exists it has a reliable source of water." 


Each month, the City of Leesville's aging water system loses close to 60 percent of the water it produces. The $4.8 million is expected to help solve the city's water loss problem by paying to replace the system's water lines. The money will also provide much needed upgrades to Leesville's water treatment plants and rehabilitation of the system's existing water storage tanks.


Congress established State Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund Programs in 1996 as part of the amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act. The program is jointly funded by an annual grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (80 percent) and the individual participating states (20 percent).  In Louisiana, it is administered by DHH's Office of Public Health.  The Drinking Water Capitalization Grant allowed for additional subsidy in the form of principal forgiveness of up to 30 percent of the loan principal, with a cap of $1,125,000 of principal forgiveness per project. Through this special provision, the DWRLF is providing principal forgiveness in the amount of $1,250,000.


Loans made through this program are low interest and have a maximum 20-year repayment period. Both public and privately-owned community and nonprofit, non-community water systems are eligible to apply for loans.

Once a loan is approved, water systems can use the funds to make their improvements. As the systems pay back the loans, the principal and interest are used to make more money available for other communities that have drinking water needs.  All loan projects are approved based upon a priority ranking system.  Among other factors, projects that address the most serious risks to human health and those that ensure compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act are given the highest priority.


"These improvements assist the systems in complying with the Safe Drinking Water Act and protecting public health," said Jennifer Wilson, program manager for the State's Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund.


In the photo above, pictured from left to right: Dan MacDonald, Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund Program Engineer; Robert Rose, Mayor of Leesville; Jake Causey, DHH Office of Public Health Chief Engineer; and Jennifer Wilson, Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund Program Manager.


For more information about the program, contact Jennifer Wilson at DHH's Office of Public Health, 225-342-7499.



Questions regarding this matter may be directed to City Hall at 337-239-2444.



August 14, 2013


City of Leesville to receive $20,000.00 to Improve Water System Functionality


LEESVILLE— Leesville Mayor C. Robert Rose has announced that the City’s application to the Community Water Enrichment Fund (CWEF) was approved in the amount of $20,000 for water system functionality improvements.


Mayor Rose and the City Council of Leesville adopted a Resolution on January 9, 2013 authorizing the City to apply for funds for water line and valve replacement within the City. The money is a result of the City’s application to the Community Water Enrichment Fund Program (CWEF), a loan/grant program within the Office of Community Development of the State of Louisiana.


“The City is now in the midst of several water system improvement projects, so this funding couldn’t have come at a better time. I would like to thank Governor Jindal and the Office of Community Development for their consideration of Leesville’s needs.” said Mayor Rose.


Plans for repair include replacing or repairing water lines and/or valves as needed throughout the City of Leesville. At present, the project timeline for use of these funds has not been set.

Questions regarding this matter may be directed to City Hall at 337.239.2444.



LMA Community Achievement Awards - Honorable Mention for the City of Leesville

LEESVILLE—Leesville Mayor C. Robert Rose announced today that the City of Leesville received Honorable Mention in the Community Development category of the LMA’s Community Achievement Awards during a conference in Monroe on August 3, 2013. “The City Council and I are very proud of this achievement. The City of Leesville worked tirelessly to balance the City's budget as well as to decrease expenditures. The success of this hard work culminated in the allowance of a Community Services division to be established with clear goals in mind. ” said Mayor Rose. 


This prestigious award, conducted for the 45th year, goes to municipalities that display outstanding improvements and accomplishments for their communities. These awards are categorized by basic service, community development, and economic development. Entries submitted were judged by a committee of judges from the Louisiana Economic Development, Capital Region Planning Commission, Louisiana Industrial Development Executives Association, Louisiana Main Street, and the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshall.


"We congratulate all of the municipalities which competed in this year's Community Achievement Awards Program," said LMA Immediate Past President Mayor Hilda D. Curry. “Louisiana’s mayors and municipal officials work long hours and endure significant sacrifices to achieve tangible and measurable progress for their towns and cities.”


Dr. Brookie Allphin, communications and governmental consultant, said the awards pay tribute to the “vision and ingenuity of elected municipal officials and those who assist them in planning and improving citizen services, community life, and economic conditions.”


Questions regarding this matter may be directed to City Hall at 337.239.2444.


(Picture – from left to right: Councilwoman Alice Guess, President-LMA Hilda Curry, Councilwoman Willie Mae Kennedy.)

Mayor's Women's Commission - Residential Civic Award
Congratulations to Mrs. Bowie for receiving the Residential Civic Award on July 29, 2013!
Mayor's Women's Commission - Business Civic Award
Congratulations to Phoenix Pharmacy in downtown Leesville for receiving the Civic Award on July 29, 2013!