City Departments

The City of Leesville has over 120 employees and 12 departments that contribute to the function of the City and the quality of life of its residents.
  1. Administration

    The City of Leesville administrative department includes the Mayor, Mayor's Assistant, City Clerk, and City Administrator.

  2. Leesville Municipal Airport

    The Leesville City Airport is located 4 miles west of Leesville and provides transportation services to the City.

  3. City Engineer

    View project updates from the Leesville City Engineer.

  4. Economic Development

    The office of Economic Development seeks to improve the quality of life for residents of the City of Leesville by creating and/or retaining jobs and supporting the growth of local economy.

  5. Finance

    The City of Leesville Finance Department is responsible for accounting, maintaining financial records, overseeing budgets, and more.

  6. Fire Department

    The Leesville Fire Department is charged with the protection of life and property of persons residing within the City of Leesville.

  7. Leesville Main Street

    The Main Street Department promotes the businesses downtown, as well as organizes, promotes, and hosts events on Third Street.

  8. Mayor & City Council

    Learn more about the Mayor and City Council that serve the City of Leesville.

  9. Parks & Recreation

    The City of Leesville Parks and Recreation Department aims to provide residents with a safe and enjoyable variety of leisure activities.

  10. Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement

    The City of Leesville Code Enforcement Office is responsible for upholding the civil codes of the City.

  11. Police Department

    Visit the Leesville Police Department website for information and services.

  12. Public Information

    The Office of Public Information seeks out grants for all City departments, performs research, responds to media requests, works with community groups to promote their events and maintains a monthly newsletter, the City website and all social media accounts.

  13. Public Works

    The City of Leesville Public Works Department is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the City, such as water and sewer repairs, street maintenance, and collection of debris.